Anne Bayati

Licenced Practitioner

Address: Penshurst, Tonbridge, Kent TN119
Phone: 07927 593538

I am based in West Kent where I live with my husband and 3 children. My introduction to hypnosis came about quite unexpectedly as I was fortunate enough to be involved in a ‘hypnobirth’ through my work as a midwife. This gave me an invaluable insight into hypnosis and its benefits during childbirth as the couple remained calm and in control during the whole process. This left a lasting impression on me as I went on to train as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. This was in 2013 and I have been teaching Hypnobirthing to expectant couples, both privately and for the NHS, ever since.


Having seen the amazing results from the feedback of Hypnobirthing couples, my interest in the mind and hypnosis grew. I wanted to learn more and be able to help more people, not just those expecting a baby! I, therefore, went on to study Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Andrew Parr and completed my Diploma earlier in the year. Since then, I have not looked back. There is no better satisfaction for me than seeing a complete transformation in a person who has been struggling for perhaps years with issues which has prevented them from moving forward in their life in some way due to their limiting beliefs. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it!


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help everyone, men, women and children with any personal, emotional or habitual issue. Here is what some people have said….


“I found the session with you amazing and it has done more good than the counsellor”

Miss S, Tunbridge Wells


“We felt empowered, in control and ready.  My husband still says now the time with you was invaluable and I couldn’t agree more. So, all I can say is thank you. I cannot praise hypnosis and you enough”

Mr and Mrs O, Sevenoaks


If you have any questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, wish to discuss your personal needs or book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.


I would be more than happy to help



Dip PHH GHR (Reg) MAPA BSc Hons Dip HB


I am registered with:

  • The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)
  • Andrew Parr Association (APA)
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)