We’re offering 20,000 people like you the chance to transform your life …


``I couldn't stop feeling anxious ... but now I can``

``I couldn't control my eating ... but now I can``

``I couldn't concentrate at work ... but now I can``

Is there something about the way you think, feel or behave that you would like to change or make better?


We can help you

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How will you help me?

Andrew Parr Licensed Practitioners use a special form of  Transformational Hypnotherapy that will help uncover and release the real cause of your problems …

… allowing you to break free of old blocks and patterns

…  and instead develop new and more positive thoughts, feeling and behaviours

… in a relatively short space of time.

How do I get help?

Whilst our practitioners are available all the time, every week we do a Special Offer release of a limited number of discounted therapy vouchers …

… that you can then use with one of our Licensed Practitioners, who are skilled at bringing about deep and lasting change, in a relatively short period of time.


Each limited release voucher will get you sizeable discount off a 60 minute session with an Andrew Parr Association Licensed Practitioner.

Pay £5 for one voucher and you will get a FREE 60 minute Transformational Therapy Session session with an Andrew Parr student trainee or £25 off a fully qualified practitioner


Want to get involved?

To get on the VIP Early Invite list for the next batch of vouchers, click the button below.

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